Making sense of BIM data requires early predictions in Facility Management. BIM for Facilities Management can manage and use complex data for various building components. Our solutions capture and retain data throughout the construction lifecycle, that includes from design to construction, and maintenance to shut down. Facility management is frequently used for 6D BIM in the construction industry, and incorporates all the facets like product data, details, maintenance, specifications and other manufacturer information. Integration of BIM with Facilities Management can purge waste from their processes as virtual models can be created to get the perfect model. This improves efficiency and renders faster project delivery at all operational lifecycles.


Core Competencies for BIM for Facilities Management

Magnasoft BIM uses COBie as standardized platform for BIM data exchange between various BIM and FM systems. BIM for Facilities Management serves as a focal point to manage assets for Facilities Personnel. With our data in the cloud Facilities personnel can easily access drawings and manuals online or onsite. Save more on labor costs whilst having better understanding of processes and inventory through efficient Facility Management and COBie Services.

Our key Facilities Management Services include:

  • Integrating Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with BIM
  • Latest BIM authoring software
  • Project Close out
  • Smart database implementation
  • 6D BIM for Facilities Management
  • Efficient Space Management
  • Optimized Lifecycle Management
  • Better energy usage

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